tax advantages and social skills

dont know why but Bruno Mars is on my tool-tunes list…uptown funk gets me going…don’t know why but it does…especially if I’m already hopped up…but it makes me wonder why B-mar didnt release this video under his name…it’s him in the whole damn song…


then I started thinking that it’s a tax thing…what if you’re featured on a song, you dont have to pay taxes on your revenue, it’s the original artist that pays the tax…then I was like…nah, black people don’t pay taxes…

been banging this chick, well, minus the last 3 weeks as she’s flaked…I don’t really care because I just don’t…but she has the worst social etiquette I seen in a chick…overly needy, beyond trust issues, bad communications etiquette, socially awkward…weird…

I had a thought from last week after hockey but now I can’t remember it…maybe I’ll remember…




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