teaching your kids to gamble…a must for any parent..

Well…shit, I dont have kids…and to be honest … I’m half surprised…I guess I’m good at pulling out…

but theres gonna be a day that I do…and if theres a handful of skills I’m going to teach them it’ll be how to gamble…not only how to gamble but how to lose…and not only how to lose but how to realize you’re in a losing situation and if you want to ‘win’ it’ll be by losing the least…

I dont think it was until I was in my mid to late twenties that I really spent some time in a casino…and spending time in a casino will teach you how to lose…the odd are stack up against you – whether you recognize it or not, but casinos teach you (real quick) how to realize youre getting your ass kicked at reality…and furthermore, what if you could learn (at age 25) how to completely recognize a losing proposition?

Imagine if you learned how to recognize and remove yourself from a losing proposition within moments of it happening…how far ahead would you be in life?

You get out of your mid-twenties and a bakers dozen of life situations come up on you … some fruitful and some not…

Think of all the shit that you’ve invested in that has boned you since then and how much money, time, sex, stress, worry, energy, etc…blah blah blah that you’ve invested in such and gotten no return…

How much would you pay at age 25 to learn the ‘get-out-point’ for the rest of your life?  one dollar?  ten dollars? one hundred dollars? one thousand dollars? ten thousand dollars?  It’s gotta be high…it’s gotta be in the 5 to 6 digit range…that’s what I’m saying…imagine if for $500 you could take your kid to blackhawk or vegas and teach this lesson…





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