vanilla is best reserved for ice cream…

it was ‘Professor’ Lohman … my high school engineering physics teacher who help me discover (quite possibly) the best lesson I’ve ever learn…the lesson…not conservation of momentum, not equilibrium, not how to remove error from an experiment…Professor Lohman taught me how to determine the wrong answer.

Not the right answer … but the wrong answer…and if you can accurately determine 4 wrong answers then you can determine the right answer (for example on a 5 choice multiple choice exam).

I’ve used this analogy many many times … but in more than one way Prof Lohman threw curve balls … Lohman would deliberately put the ‘wrong’ answers on a quiz/exam simply to mess with us… Lohman would know the mistakes we’d make …whether it was not putting velocity in ft/sec or forgetting to use a coefficient of friction but he was smarter than we were dumb.

The bigger lesson is to recognize the right answer before it was calculated…whether you knew an reasonable range or whether you could determine simply by the units…

As my life computes out it’s just one big fucken math equation and sometimes I wonder if I’m the one-quarter-retard in the 3rd year calculus course as a 1st semester freshman (again)…fml…

but if theres a silver lining to this it’s that you can win a portion of the problem simply by knowing which answer isnt right…

Thats how tonight went…shit, it wasnt the right answer but god damn it might be close…it wasnt bad but it wasnt good…I lined up the GFS … I double checked what was given, I know what I’m after, but the solution just didnt line up…am I sure, double check the givens, double check what you’re finding, double check the equation, double check the numbers…

but if I revert back to what old-boy Lohman taught – if it’s not the right answer it’s the wrong answer…







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