conflicting confrontations…

well shit…it’s EOD thursday and I guess I had a pretty good week … many things to be thankful for…I really do … I’ll take this minute to mention them

the fucken husky’s kneed is all chopped up and she’s doing well
the nissan is wrapped up and all I need is a tune and it should be a rocket ship
pretty damn good week/month at work – great CDOT meeting!
holy-hell hockey is going good…

and on that note … I think one can gauge one’s performance when the rubber meets the road and the pressure is on. Further more, in hockey and in other aspects of life, there are certain positions that can completely change the future.

Having a ‘clutch’ boss that can take care of his employees, provide contracts, provide work, provide salaries is key to any successful business. This is even more explamplified during economic downturns or declines in industry.

Relating this to mens rec-league hockey has similar parallels … having a superstar center who can set others up to score goals and score goals himself are a must for any successful team. On top of that is having a goalie that can take control of a game in his favor. It goes beyond stopping the puck, a good goalie can direct his team. A good goalie will give micro-assignments to players in the middle of the play, alert players of otherwise unnoticed obstacles or just be a cheerleader for the team.


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